Project Description

Project Description

Boasting a stunning four story atrium, the Engine Lease Finance building, located in Shannon Co.Clare is another project that has delivered incredible results and is certainly one that Midwest Lighting were delighted to be involved in.

On entering the building Barra/Strip LED profile by Nobiled can be found following the angular lines of the atrium on all floors. It is accompanied by Prelux LED Genoa downlighters that provide the general lighting for this space. Nico spotlights from Prelux LED provide the main light source for the stairwell at the back of the building while Bega inground luminaires illuminate the steps from beneath.

Rubico LED panels from Concord are used for the main source of light over the desk areas on the office floors while square Ascent downlighters from Concord have been installed  in the training rooms. Suspended Roxo Reba LED luminaires provide a focused linear line of light in each of the meeting rooms.

Nobiled LED Tape creates the desired effect for the double height ceiling in the conference rooms on the ground floor while the cleverly designed Concord Myriad downlighters complement it perfectly.

Creating a calm and welcoming environment was the task for the wellness room and canteen on the top floor. This was achieved with the use of suspended Roxo Rofy luminaries.

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Eci Lighting.